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Border 2 Border

Traversing from the US/Mexico border to the US/Canda border with as much dirt road as I can find

B2B Total Route.JPG

This is an ongoing goal of mine.  Something I can look forward to for a long time to come...

In total, this will be my biggest Overlanding adventure to date, but I will be tackling it in segments over a number of years, heading out each time from central Colorado heading North or South each time, depending on the objective for the trip, so the segment numbering might appear a bit hectic, IE: doing segment 1 one year, then segment 5 the next year, but stop back for updates from time to time.  I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

I first learned about the Backcountry Discover Routes (BDR) just last year when I came across the site and was very excited to start chipping away at the various “segments” of the Colorado route as part of my larger goal to traverse off-road from Mexican to Canadian borders.  


Prior to finding the BDR, my only real reference for a border-to-border route was from a post online, which included a GPX file link, but once I downloaded it, I was disappointed to see how much beautiful Colorado scenery was bypassed in the interest of staying on dirt.  I’m all for staying on dirt, but to me, the scenery is worth the pavement sometimes. 


Never one to leave good enough alone, I started tweaking the route to include those more scenic options.  It wasn’t difficult since I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life and have been 4wheeling here for nearly 20 years.  The difficulty was in the details and making sure that the routes I was finding on Google Earth (GE) were legit, but that's also the fun part!

Click on the route segment titles  below to read more about each segment

Segment 19

Segment ??

Even I wonder what's next... 
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