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How to get from Gypsum, CO. to State Bridge, CO. via, mostly, dirt road.

Looking at Google Earth (GE), there’s was no reason to think that you couldn’t drive from Gypsum to State Bridge via dirt road, but GE knows nothing of the land, so I explored a few other maps and still found no reason that it couldn’t be done.  So I decided I need to check it out myself.


I was happy to find that North of Gypsum is the Gypsum Hills Recreation Area.  However, had I found that before heading out, I would have known that the area my proposed through route crossed private property and all other routes crossed a Wilderness Study Area and were therefore not accessible to motorized travel.  On the other hand, had I found this out in advance, I wouldn’t have ventured out there and discovered for myself what the area had in store, which was quite a bit it turns out.

So, here's the route I took.  From Gypsum, head North on Trail Gulch Rd, which winds around until you reach 50 Rd, which at the time I came through, was well mark fork in the road.  Take 50 Rd West for a short distance and then veer right onto FSR8479, which follows the Bull Gulch WSA boundary all the way to the pavement of Colorado River Rd.  Take Colorado River Rd North and the pavement will quickly turn into a dirt road all the way to Hwy 131, where you land back on pavement until state bridge a few miles down the road.  From State Bridge, you're back on dirt trail until just a few miles from Kremmling.

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