Spacer Lift Install


Daystar rear coil spacers and a Rough Country OTT strut spacer on top of OEM 2017 Tacoma struts, which were "take-offs" from someone else's upgrade at around 6k miles, combined with Bilstein rear shocks. I also installed fresh front sway bar bushings at the same time.

I estimate that the replacement struts added about 1" of additional lift over the stock struts, for a total of about 3" of lift in the front.

Lift components - Silver pieces on top of the new struts are the Rough Country 2" spacers

On jack stands, suspension hanging free

XREAS oil line connecting to factory rear shock

Despite dropping all 4 corners, the XREAS oil leaked significantly

The sawzall came out early to remove both rear shocks

Rusted rear shock top post

Rear shock towers had this metal spacer, which had to be pried off

After removing the spacer, the rear shock tower is ready for the new shock

Rear coil with 1.5" Daystar spacer on top

Using the OEM jack to push the axle down and fit the coil/spacer combo

Rear completed after 2.5hrs

Front strut XREAS oil line

Difficulty with the struts started early

Separated the UCA

Front struts out

Used the OEM jack to make room for the new strut & spacer

Trying to chisel out the rusted on top hat

Top hat fought me for 3hrs

Air chisel made short work of the stuck top hats

Had to narrow the lower strut bolt sleeve

All installed and hanging free

All installed with full vehicle weight on the suspension

Front stock vs. Lift

Rear stock vs. Lift