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Special Thanks!

Special Thanks...

A lot of folks come in and out of our lives, but there are usually one or two that have such an impact on us that they truly change the course of our lives.  For me there are several, but one person that stands out above the crowd is my great friend Jeremy.  He didn't "introduce" me to camping or 4wheeling as concepts, but he is the person who helped me take those two activities to a level that turned them into true adventures!  He has been with me through some of my most memorable off-road and camping experiences starting back in 1999-2000 while we both lived in Greeley, CO.  He's now living on Colorado's Western Slope, and has incredible access to some of the most amazing scenery and 4wd trails that Colorado has to offer.  I often miss the carefree days when we could get together for a impromptu weekend trail runs, but as long time friendships go, when we do get together once or twice a year now, we definitely make the most of those times!  

Jeremy & I are also the founding members of the Rocky Mountain Expedition Club along with Jeremy's Dad, Denis.

Left-to-right:  Me, Jeremy & Denis on X1

Left-to-right:  Denis, Me & Jeremy on X1

Left-to-right:  Jeremy & Me X2

Cheers Jeremy! 

Special Thanks!

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