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Castle Rock to Moab
errr... the Grand Mesa?

8/9/15 - 8/14/15

Why didn't we make it to Moab?

Due to life changes, I was coming off of a nearly 4 year hiatus from Overland travel.  There were some camping, hiking and other trips in there, but I really needed this trip and Jeremy put together a damn good route!  You may notice that there's no longer a Red JK, blue XJ or white ZJ in the group.  Denis, Jeremy and I had all gotten our hands on 80 series Land Cruisers.  All fully locked and we were loving them! 


I didn't attend the RMEC X3 trip, but during my hiatus we got a new member by the name of Robert who owns the Green JK.  A huge upgrade from his previous manual trans & carburated YJ!  So there I was running about 30 minutes late and everyone was anxious to get to the trails, so off we went from Castle Rock, on our way to Moab! 


By the end of the trip we had wrapped up another saga of unruly men doing unreasonable things with their much too old (in most cases)vehicles for no reason other than, because we can and maybe because we had too much to drink? Regardless... we love these trips and honestly, if we could do more than one a year, we would. These trips have IT! Whatever “IT” may be... and what happens around the campfire on X trips, stays around the campfire on X trips.

This year it was me, Jeremy, Denis and Robert. I say we made a great group and, except for not having made it to Moab for a variety of reasons, I couldn’t be happier with the trip because each day was better than expected and better than the last. What more can you ask for!? 


About not making it to Moab... Suffice it to say Jeremy, Denis and I are live music fans and when we learned that Nathaniel Rateliff, would be playing at Pickin' in the Park, a FREE concert series in Paonia, CO coming off of his breakout performance on the tonight show, we weren't about to miss it!  Although we didn't make it to Moab, we had a damn good time!  I'll let the pictures take over from here... 


Click on the link to the right for an interactive map of the X4 Route

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