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Vehicles I've Owned

1972 GMC Jimmy

My first 4wd

It was 1999 and I was driving a 2wd 1997 Mazda B2300, which I took camping up the Poudre Canyon a few times, but once the itch to tackle some trails hit, I knew that it had to go.  I've always been a classic car person, and once I spotted this in the local papers, I knew I had to have it.  The tired straight 6 and SM420 were soon gone in favor of a freshly rebuilt (by me) 350 and TH350.

1978 International ScoutII


Salvage Project

I was driving through Wyoming when I spotting this Scout in the weeds behind a body shop.  After hunting down the owner I bought it cheap, which made sense because it was in terrible shape.  After doing a spring over lift, adding 3/4 ton axles, a rebuilt (by me) Cadillac 472ci engine, TF727 trans and D20 transfer case, it was back on the road and doing pretty well.

1996 Jeep Cherokee

My First Jeep

This Jeep was never much more than a daily driver and forest road runner, but due to it's reliability and comfort, it took me on more trips than the Jimmy and Scout combined.  It also served "rescue duty" for the Four Wheel Emergency Assistance Team during the Denver blizzard of 2003, easily tackling the roads, despite the 32" of snow that fell in the metro area.

1998 Jeep Cherokee

The Lost Love

Man I loved this XJ!  I also loved to hate it at times, but I suppose that's how it goes.  After getting rid of the '96 and tooling around in a '98 forester for a while, I decided it was time for another XJ.  I put a TON of work into it and was always happy with where it was able to take me.  If not for the lack of a v8 I would probably still own this XJ

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Failure

Before selling the '98 XJ I bought this '04 WJ Columbia Edition because I loved the XJ a lot, but really wanted a v8. After about a year of ownership the transmission failed and I could never get it working right again, even after a TCU swap, PCU swap and an entire transmission swap, so I got rid of it.

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser

Oldie, but Goodie

When I bought this Landcruiser it had 20" rims and low profile tires, so I like to say that I rescued it!  This rig treated me well despite being slow as hell up the mountain passes.  Ultimately I had to let it go after failing emissions and having no desire to put down the cash, time or energy it would require to get it back in shape.  Farewell old timer!

My Current Ride

2004 Toyota 4Runner

Love is a v8 and Toyota quality

The 4Runner really is a dream to drive on and off the trail.  Sometimes I wish it was the "Unicorn" '09 Trail Edition, but honestly, they only came with the v6 and since I have plans to lift it and lock the rear, it will end up just a capable as the Trail Edition, but with more power and without all the hassle of actually finding the Unicorn and then paying a premium for it, so I feel like I've won here. ;-)

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