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Trail Runs...? 


These are my more casual Off-Road Adventures that are typically a single day, or just part of a day and not part of a complete Overland trip or Overland route finding adventure. 

These trail run reports will be all new starting summer 

2018, so check back for updates to this area

Shelf Road 4wd Trail

A quick day trip to round out the celebrations for my step-daughters birthday.  I definitely need to return to this area for a camping & exploring weekend.

Red Elephant Hill, CO


In 2017 Red Elephant Hill left me reeling with a mangled front skid plate, a torn valve stem and a goal to tackle it again in 2018, hopefully better prepared for the challenge.  


Bill Moore Lake 2019

For Father's Day this year we decided trail more appropriate for my mostly stock 4Runner than our attempt at Red Elephant....


Georgia Pass, Middle Fork of the Swan River and Saints John 2019

Sometimes we just need to take a random Friday off work to head out of the crowded city and into the mountains to clear out heads...


Collegiate Peaks 2019

Another Friday off of work took us to the famous Collegiate Peaks area of the Arkansas River Valley along highway 24 South of Buena Vista.  This is EASILY one of my top 5 favorite areas of Colorado....

Tincup Pass (35).JPG
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