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Overland Adventures

Camping, 4wheeling, sightseeing, exploring & adventure. Yet so much more than just the sum of it's parts!  More like the pursuit of the spirit of pioneers who came before us and a connection with the land, and people we travel with.

There is so much to see in America alone.  This a large country and I can't wait to see more of it, but in addition to everything I want to see and experience here, I have aspirations to do so much more!  Here's a short list of trails & places outside of the "lower 48" I dream of seeing... 


  • Alaska - The Mackenzie Trail & The Dalton Rd

  • Mexico - The Baja peninsula 

  • Central America - Mexico to the Darien Gap

  • South America - All of it!

  • Northern and Eastern Africa - Especially Ethiopia and Egypt

  • The Australian Outback

For now, here are the places I have traveled in the true Overland sense


Central Rockies with RMEC

San Juans with RMEC

New Mexico Overland Exploration

Castle Rock to the Grand Mesa with RMEC

Southwest Overland 
Border 2 Border Route

X5 - 111.JPG

Exploring the Red Table Mountains, with RMEC

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