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Central Rockies Overland with RMEC

Otherwise Known As "X1"

The first "official" Overland trip as the Rocky Mountain Expedition Club, spanning the central Rockies from Red Feather Lakes, CO to Sargents, CO.

The year was 2007 or 2008...  Jeremy, Denis and I were with our families camping near St. Elmo, Colorado.  We had always combined camping with 4wheeling and this trip was no different.

We were in the middle of our 4wheeling trip and had parked at the top of Cumberland Pass just south of Tincup when it occurred to us that the 4wheeling trip we were on made a rather convenient loop right back to camp and how cool that seemed because at the time our 4wheeling trips were usually in and back out, so this loop ending back at camp was unique to us.  We wondered how far we could take that idea, so Jeremy and I started planning what would become our first Overland adventure we called X1. 

Starting in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado we created a route that went all the way to Chama, New Mexico.  5 days later we stopped at our last campsite along the south end of Tomichi Pass trail, very near where it all began the year before.  Here's what we saw and did along the way... 

Cresting Piney Ridge and moving onto High Trail Gulch
Group shot at Cumberland Pass

Click on the link to the right for an interactive map of this Overland trip

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