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The San Juans, Alpine  Loop & More
Otherwise known as X2

Overlanding a 50mi square area?

Sometimes it's about packing the most miles into the smallest space! 

Still high off of the rush of X1, Jeremy didn't waste any time creating what we believe is the ideal route through the San Juan mountains.  It was more than just the Alpine Loop and as a result we had a damn fine time.  Denis' Jeep suffered from some overheating issues, so he was relegated to passenger/navigator in Jeremy's JK, which anyone who loves being behind the wheel can attest, is less than ideal, but he was a trooper and made the best of it. After driving 6hrs from Denver to Jeremy's house and spending a night there first, I couldn't wait to hit the trails! So starting in Cedaredge, CO, we made our way south and into Ouray and wasted no time tackling the infamous Black Bear Pass


I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the tale of what we saw and did along the way.

Click on the link to the right to see and interactive map of this Overland trip

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